Septs of Clan BuchananEdit

colman, cormack, cousland, dewar, dove, dow, gibb, gibbon, gibson, gilbert, gilbertson, harper, harperson, leavy, lennie, lenny, macaldonich, macalman, macaslan, macaslin, macauselan, macauslan, macausland, macauslane, macalman, macalmont, macammond, macasland, macchruiter, maccolman, maccormack, maccubbin, maccubbing, maccubin, macGeorge, macGibbon, macGreuisich, macGubbin, macInally, macIndeor, macindoe, mackinlay, mackinley, macmaster, macmaurice, macmurchie, macmurchy, macneur, macnuir, macquyer, macquattie, macwattie, macwhirter, masters, masterson, morrice, morris, morrison, murchie, murchison, richardson, risk, rusk, ruskin, spittal, spittel, walter, walters, wason, waters, watson, watt, watters, weir, wuill, wool, wule, zuill

Tartans of Clan BuchananEdit


Clan Buchanan

Tartan Registry Number: 151

Thread Count: B18 G46 K6 B18 K6 Y40 K6 Y40 K6 B18 K6 R40 W6 R40 K6 B18 K6 G46 B18

External linkEdit

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