The History of Highland Dress, by John Telfer Dunbar (Philadelphia, Dufour Editions, 1964) is one of the seminal books on costuming as it relates to the Scottish kilt, its history and evolution.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Documentary Accounts of Highland Dress
  • Chapter 2: Specimens of Tartan and Highland Dress
  • Chapter 3: Pictures of Highland Dress before 1745
  • Chapter 4: Pictures of Highland Dress during and after the '45
  • Chapter 5: Prince Charles Edward Stuart
  • Chapter 6: Women's Costume
  • Chapter 7: The Costume of the Clans
  • Chapter 8: The Vestiarium Scotibum
  • Chapter 9: Vestiarium Scoticum published
  • Chapter 10: Postscript on the Vestiarium Scoticum
  • Chapter 11: Tartan Pattern Books
  • Chapter 12: Early Highland Military Uniform
  • Chapter 13: Highland Weapons
  • Chapter 14: Firearms
  • Chapter 15: The Powder Horn and Sporran
  • Chapter 16: Plaid Brooches
  • Appendix: Early Scottish Dyes, by Annette Kok

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