The New Penguin History of Scotland edited by R. A. Houston and W. W. J. Knox (Penguin Books, 2001 ISBN 0-14-026367-5) is a collective work covering the whole of Scottish history dating back to the earliest human occupation of the land and continuing up to the turn of the millenium. The work is divided iinto a number of separate chapters, each covering a period of Scottish history and written by recognized academic specialists.


  • 1. Prehistory, by Ian Armit
  • 2. The Formation of the Scottish Kingdom, by Thomas Owen Clancy and Barbara E. Crawford
  • 3. Medieval Scotland, 1100-1560, by David Ditchburn and Alastair J. MacDonald
  • 4. Reformation to Union, 1560-1707, by Keith M. Brown
  • 5. From the Union of 1707 to the Franchise Reform of 1832, Bruce P. Lenman
  • 6. Civil Society, Governance, and Nation, 1832-1914, by Graeme Morton and R. J. Morris
  • 7. The Twentieth Century, 1914-1979, by John Foster
  • 8. Scotland after 1978: from Referendum to Millennium, by Christopher Harvie

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